Loyalty Gamified

Setup is easy!

Simply define the details of your Phrenzi including duration, prize, and number of winnersCreate and schedule boosters that encourage your patrons to purchase certain items, share your message, hit certain purchase targets, invite their friends, provide feedback, and more.

Gameplay is fun!

Patrons compete against one another to collect points within the duration of the Phrenzi. They earn points by making purchases and completing Boosters.  Their goal is to collect the most points and rise up the ranking before the Phrenzi expires.

Rewards are valuable!

At the end of the Phrenzi, the higher a Players rank, the larger their reward is.  Everyone can win; some win a lot.  When the Phrenzi ends, rewards are issued immediately.  The prize, points, and rankings reset and the Phrenzi begins again.

About us

We’re on a mission to redefine customer loyalty and significantly improve how businesses interact with their customers.

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