a state or period of uncontrolled excitement or wild behaviour.

an innovative customer engagement platform that incentivizes customers to compete against one another to complete tasks, earn points, and win fantastic rewards.


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Customer. Engagement. Drives. Business.

Positive experiences drive customer engagement. Engaged customers become loyal customers. Loyal customers drive the success of any business.

We believe that engagement is multi-dimensional, quantifiable, and measurable and that establishments need a better way to create long-term value driven relationships with their customers. Mobile technology now enables a paradigm shift; the advent of dynamic, social, and competitive customer engagement programs that allow establishments to identify and reward their most engaged customers.

Phrenzi is the world’s first competitive, gamified, customer loyalty and engagement app, where the amount of rewards customers earn, and prizes they win, from their favorite establishments and brands, is proportional to their ranking against other customers.

Our Business model is so unique and radical that it’s patented!  Want to learn more?

Transform your most engaged customers into your greatest marketing assets.


Gamified, duration-based contests where players compete to collect points through purchases and by completing objective-based calls-to-action.


Objective-based calls-to-action. Boosters are opportunities for players to earn additional points in exchange for completing specified tasks.


Real-time ranking of all players within a Phrenzi based on the total number of points each player has earned as well as identification of winners.


Fantastic prizes rewarded to the highest point earners from their favorite establishments as well as other hidden prizes that can be unlocked.

Interested in exploring Phrenzi for your Establishment?

Phrenzi is now available in our launch market, Hong Kong.  

Phrenzi (patron app), available for Android phones and iPhone, can be downloaded from the relevant stores.  Phrenzi Manager (for merchants), available for iPad and iPad Mini, can be downloaded from the App Store.

About us

We’re on a mission to drive customer engagement: Incentivizing social competition, shaping behaviour through operant conditioning, and empowering customers as marketing champions.

Phrenzi Ltd.

20F, Central Tower, 28 Queen’s Road,
Central, Hong Kong

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